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This product allows plants to fully climb and grow through the mesh fabric, which can improve the quality and yield of the crops, while also reducing a large part of the labor and auxiliary materials. It is a new type of energy-saving and high-efficiency agricultural use. net 

The product is easy to install, easy to unfold, to ensure plant lighting and ventilation, easy to pick core, pruning, to lure plants to climb, the wire strength is high, it is not easy to fall off, and it can get good fruits.


1) Net-like structure, industrialized production with high molecular compound raw materials, strong and durable, resistant to acid and alkali, and not easy to age;

2) The climbing net frame material can be recycled and reused, which is very environmentally friendly;

3) The whole frame is formed at one time; it is very convenient to support;

4) The height and length of the climbing frame can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the planted variety and planting density;

5) Using this product, one plant can reach one lead, and it is not lengthy. A good ventilation environment is formed between plants, branches and leaves and inside the plant type, which is conducive to the normal development of plants and reduces the occurrence of diseases. , The longer the service life, the more serious the infection will be, and the wind resistance will be weakened, causing the shelf to fall during the growth period, resulting in reduced production or no harvest);

6) The leaves enjoy full sunlight, enhance photosynthesis, and improve quality and yield;

7) Convenient fertilization and spraying, and save fertilizer and medicine;

8) It is especially suitable for raising seedlings of varieties with weaker growth in the early stage of seedling, such as purple medicine or yam bean seedlings.

9) The use of this frame material can save labor and effort, reduce costs, and increase production and income.


Material HDPE
Mesh(mm) 18,24
Length(mm)  18,30,36, customized
Width(mm) 1.8,2.1,2.4,customized


● Good ventilation and lighting, and fruits quality are excellent;

● Easy chit core, pruning;

● High intensity of net thread and difficult to corrupt.

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