How to ventilate aquaculture nets

The breeding industry is a large-scale industry and the development of the breeding industry is very good. We believe that raising chickens is easy and inexpensive, so there are many places to choose to raise chickens. To go to breeding, they usually choose to use a breeding net Talking about ventilation is very important, and if the ventilation effectiveness is poor, problems are likely, so how? This article focuses on how to ventilate aquaculture nets.

1. In subsequent management of winter broiler production, ventilation and air exchange should be the main focus. Specific measures are as follows. Poultry houses with mechanical ventilation are ventilated using variable frequency fans. In poultry houses without mechanical ventilation, all vents, such as doors, windows and skylights, must not be closed to ensure fresh air in the house unless frozen.

2. In the early and mid-term management of winter broiler production, both ventilation and warming must be considered. Specific measures are as follows. Enhance ventilation in the weather when windless temperatures increase in winter, and open windows for ventilation daily when outside temperatures are high between 10 and 15 pm. Be careful of proper ventilation when cold air comes, and this can open the skylight and ground ventilation through the windows.

3. Follow the ventilation principle: "Do not ventilate in the case of wind, protect from wind." The purpose of ventilation is to supply the herd with the necessary oxygen, reduce the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia, reduce the humidity of the house, remove dust and dirt, and provide a suitable growth environment for the herd

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Post time: May-19-2021