How to properly install a bird breeding net

Today, anti-birdnet is a more frequently used product, and its performance is excellent in various aspects. For example, it is anti-aging and has high tensile strength, heat resistance and water resistance. Because these products are used in different places, they are of different types, and when asked about breeding bird nets, everyone thought it was used for breeding. The following describes how to properly set up a bird breeding net.

How to properly install a bird breeding net

When installing bird control nets for breeding, steel wires must be pulled. This is due to the slow breeding of bird control nets, burying pillars → pulling steel wires → laying nets. One meter, iron pipe, and wood are acceptable, and a plastic bottle or cloth head is tied to the top of the pillar to prevent damage to the breeding bird net. Steel wires for breeding bird control nets need to be tightened to the front, back, left and right, and the sides need to be fixed diagonally, and 200-300 wires can be used. In winter, the anti-birdnet needs to be cleaned up, which can extend the life of the anti-birdnet. The way to collect nets to breed nets to prevent birds is to reverse the way you put them. Remember to collect bird nets into long strips. Before opening the bird breeding net, raise one of the bird breeding nets and pull them all to the side of the steel wire, pulling from the center to both ends. This saves time and allows the net to be spread from the center to both sides. Just fix it.

In summary, everyone needs some understanding of how to set up bird breeding nets. I hope to help you. In fact, at first, products made by this type of bird netting manufacturer were not widely used. Because many didn't know how to use it, many people gradually used it and everyone knew it. In fact, this kind of product is so good and very easy to use that it is gradually becoming popular.

Post time: May-19-2021