Features of Rice Bird Net


Currently, many birds are stealing food, but if the effects of large-scale theft are still significant, stakeholders are developing bird nets to address such situations. Because of different usage environments, the types of bird nets are also different, but the bird nets used for rice are called "rice bird nets", and their features are remarkable compared to other products. So what are the features of Rice Bird Net? Check the following:

Features of Rice Bird Net

Rice Bird Proof Net is a mesh fabric made by stretching polyethylene using chemical additives such as aging prevention and UV protection as the main raw materials, and has high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. Can kill common pests such as flies and mosquitoes, tasteless, easy to dispose of waste. Convenient to store and use in normal use, the correct shelf life can reach about 2-5 years. The bird's bird net has light transparency and moderate shade function, creating favorable conditions for proper crop growth, drastically reducing the use of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields, and sanitizing production crops. And provide a strong technical guarantee for the development of green produce. Rice Bird Net also has the ability to resist natural disasters such as storms and hail.

This article mainly introduces the features of Rice Bird Net. The use of these products has greatly increased the yield of rice, so the popularity of products such as rice bird nets in agriculture is very high, which is good news for farmers and now more and more rice bird nets are used. The more farmers that start, the wider the use of such products, the higher the profits. Which U.S. bird protection net is better? Of course, Changzhou Kednet.

Post time: May-19-2021