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The intensity is twice large than common PE anti-bird net, made of 8000d single thread

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1. It can prevent birds from harming crops

2. It can ensure the healthy growth of crops

3. It can improve the yield and quality of crops

4. It can greatly increase farmers' income

This product has outstanding anti-bird effect, is light and not messy, is easy to unfold, uses for a long time, and is not easy to age.

It is widely used to prevent birds in rice, cherries, grapes, honey pears, apples, orchard farms.

● The strength is twice that of ordinary PE bird-proof net, which is woven with 8000d single wire;

● Both ends of the net are reinforced with high-strength single wire;

● Strong wind resistance, long life, and not easy to age.

The meshes are available in different specifications such as 45mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, etc. The bird-proof edge nets produced by our company are mainly orange, blue, green, white and other colors. According to the different needs of customers, we can determine whether we need UV protection. Function. The length and style of the bird-proof side net are available in different specifications, and can also be customized according to the specific needs of customers. Kede Networks aims to provide high-quality products, perfect services and fast delivery. The products are sold at home and abroad, and we hope to become a high-quality product supplier for customers at home and abroad.


Material HDPE
Mesh(mm) 20,25,30,45,etc
Length(mm)  18,27,54,customized
Width(mm) 9,18,27,36


● The intensity is twice large than common PE anti-bird net, made of 8000d single thread;

● Single thread of high intensity reinforces at the both end of net;

● Strong wind resistance, long life, not easy to get aging.

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